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Best mobile phone deals – top Black Friday 2021 offers on iPhone 13, Samsung S21 and Google Pixel 6

You may not have heard of Oppo, but its smartphones pack a lot of great features into their slim design. In addition to a 6.7-inch screen, the phone is equipped with 5G technology that makes surfing the Internet a breeze, and has four cameras for capturing ultra-wide photos and great selfies.

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Best SIM Only Black Friday Deals


Virgin Media is currently offering four star SIM-only Black Friday deals, including a 24-month contract that offers unlimited data, calls and texts for just £16 a month.

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This provider offers a range of deals on SIM only contracts for 30 days. The most popular is the 30GB data option that comes with unlimited calls and minutes for just £10 a month.

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Talk Mobile

Talk Mobile is another provider that is offering great SIM-only deals this year for Black Friday. The most competitive is their 6GB data plan, which offers unlimited minutes and texts on a 30-day contract for £5.95 per month.

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If you’re looking for a SIM-only deal, EE is often the place for you. The base plan is currently a 150GB 5G data plan which also offers unlimited minutes and texts for just £20 per month.

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How to find the best phone deal for you

  • Choose focus: Choose your phone (or phones) that interest you before the sales start. There will always be Black Friday deals in the basement for deals from lesser-known brands that want a slice of the pie. It’s easy to be tempted when the price seems too good to be true, but a cheaper phone isn’t necessarily a smarter buy than a slightly discounted phone you actually want.
  • Do your research: Research your device’s battery life, screen specifications, design, and camera technology to make sure it meets all your needs. A great camera might be important to a passionate Instagrammer the way the Snapdragon processor might be important to handheld gamers. Make sure your device fits your personal preferences.
  • New is not always better: High specs often translate to high cost, and high-ends like the Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 have price tags that match their power. While both may be discounted in deals, these new and popular phones are likely to sell for close to full price.
  • Generating game: Remember that you’re not just looking for the brand and model, but the generation. Older phones drop in value every time a new generation is launched, which means many retailers will be offering £100 off their previous favourites. Double-check the dates before double-clicking.
  • Bills and Invoices: Networks and carriers often tout the best Black Friday deals ever, lowering contracts and upfront costs. So don’t withdraw or renew your phone contract in October. Waiting a few weeks may save you more on your phone bills in the long run.
  • Call a friend: Two-for-one deals are becoming increasingly popular. If you have a friend or family member looking for a new phone of their own, consider these offers first. Half the price is as good as it gets.

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