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Casely phone case Black Friday savings

Let’s be real: running without your phone in 2021 is annoying at best. Protect the device that holds your contacts, banking information, and favorite apps — basically all life – With a mission-level phone case.

But you may also want to make sure your case doesn’t look like anyone else’s phone case. Protect your technology with a case that says something about who you are as a person.

Enter Casely: Browse hundreds of unique, diverse and innovative phone case designs to find the one that speaks to you. Now through November 30, 50% off the entire Casely site. Shop now to upgrade your own case, and don’t forget that phone cases also make great gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Here are three great reasons you should pounce on Casely’s sweet sale:

Upgrade your status jobs

credit: Casely

Whether your main goal is protection, function or taste, Casely has you covered. On the protective front, Casely Glass screen protector keeps your screen scratch-free even when it gets accidentally tripped. Phone Ring allows you to hold your phone at any angle or prop it up on a table top. The new MagWallet holds up to three cards in case you want to leave the house without pulling out your full wallet.

Quietly makes it easy to express yourself

Vincent van Gogh landscape portrait on the phone cover

credit: Casely

We’ve got it. You don’t want the same phone case as everyone else hanging around, and even better, Casely gets it, which is why they have such a variety of dynamic designs. Art lovers, check out the new Van Gogh Museum collaboration. You will flip Dead Heads in the case of Dancing Bears; And if you’re after style, look no further than this beautiful white and pink marble tray.

AirPods are life too

tie dye airpods case

credit: Casely

Do you know what is cute? Never put your AirPods case in a public place and then you immediately wonder which one belongs to you. Casely’s extensive collection of AirPods cases makes it easy to stand out in a crowd, and we’re seriously digging the All Smiles Case, Tie Dying Over You Case, and Yellow and Red & Blue Colorblock Case. The clip-on loop attachment on these makes it easy to keep track of your pods.

Van Gogh Sunflower phone case

credit: Casely

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