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Charge your phone for less with up to 40% off these Belkin wall chargers

Black Friday is a great time to get new charging equipment for your Android device.

Right now on Amazon, you can get up to 40% off Belkin USB-C wall chargers that offer PD fast charging through GaN, or you can spend just $12 on a compact charger that offers PD fast charging to any device that takes it.

Because it works with USB-C, it can be used with basically any Android phone as well as the iPhone and iPad, and has a much smaller size than other chargers that offer the same wattage.

Lowest price ever

Belkin USB C GaN 20W Wall Charger | 10 bucks off

This wall charger delivers 20W of power using Gallium Nitride technology to any iPhone, iPad or AirPods.

$15 at Amazon

Belkin 20 W

Belkin USB-C 20W Wall Charger | 5 dollars off

This is a more compact version of the above that offers PD fast charging in a very compact form. Perfect for all iPhone and Android devices alike.

$13 at Amazon

The Belkin USB-C GaN Wall Charger provides fast PD charging in a low form factor. It can charge the Google Pixel to 50% in just 37 minutes, about 20% smaller than most chargers of the same power without generating a lot of extra heat.

The compact USB-C wall charger is cheaper, so it’s an ideal travel companion thanks to its compact size. It’s also durable and great for hard-to-reach ports. You can save even more if you buy them in 2-packs that cost just over $22. Thanks to USB-C, this works with pretty much any Android phone and iPhone too with the right cable, as well as iPads and other USB-C tablets. Stumble upon these deals now!

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