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Delivery driver helped fund jailed brother’s trade in mobile phones and booze

Wirral’s father sent thousands of pounds to help his thug brother run an illegal business behind bars.

William Birdmore, 28, sent the money to his brother Chance, who was imprisoned in 2017 for a cowardly knife attack.

Chance Birdmore stabbed a 17-year-old boy in the back three times while “showing off” in front of his gang mates in Neston, Wirral.

Liverpool Crown Court heard today how William Birdmore sent £6849.99 to his brother who was serving a prison sentence at HMB Northumberland.

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Sarah Griffin, the attorney general, told the court how police had become suspicious of activity related to William Birdmore’s bank account.

Ms Griffin said the financial activity is believed to have started in October 2019 and continued for about 12 months.

She said police had become concerned about the payments from the Barclays account held by William Birdmore.

Police established that William Birdmore was supplying his imprisoned brother with money to fund the purchase of cell phones and alcohol.

Police suspected that a network of “friends and family” had smuggled money into HMB Northumberland.

When police arrested William Birdmore, he made a number of “partial confessions” and said he was “pressured to help his brother.”

Ms Griffin said William Birdmore told officers he “loved his brother”.

Judge, registrar Ian Harris, told William Birdmore that his brother was a “dangerous criminal” involved in “moving money.”

Judge Harris said Chance Birdmore was running a “criminal business in cell phones and alcohol” within the prison system.

Chance Birdmore, 23, who recruited his mother, Claire Karpinski, to smuggle drugs and other goods into prison

He went on to say that this kind of activity had a bad effect on prison discipline and that William Birdmore was a “vital part of this”.

Judge Harris, William Birdmore, was imprisoned for ten months. Birdmore, of New Chester Road in Rock Ferry, had previously pleaded guilty to one count of concealing criminal property.

Her advocate, Holly Minary, described William Birdmore as a hardworking father who works as a delivery driver. She said he was working in the plaster industry and had never been involved in crime before. His only previous convictions were for driving.

Earlier this year, Carlisle Crown Court heard how Chance Birdmore recruited his mother to smuggle £32,000 worth of merchandise into HMB Northumberland.

Liverpool Courts are among the busiest in the UK, with a wide range of cases being heard every week.

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Claire Karpinski, 46, was caught trying to get two lucrative packages at HMP Northumberland, on December 23, 2019.

Karpinski, of Birkenhead, drove another criminal from Cumbria to prison as an unknown passenger threw packages over the wall surrounding the prison.

Karpinsky was recruited by her son Chance Birdmore—who was one of the intended recipients of the merchandise, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

Joe Allman, the attorney general, told how Chance Birdmore was caught red-handed while trying to collect the parcel from a grassy area within the prison perimeter.

The package included cocaine, cannabis bush and hundreds of other controlled drug tablets, along with new iPhones, USB cables, SIM cards, tobacco, alcohol, steroids, syringes and needles.

Chance Birdmore and his mother, of Bedford Road, Birkenhead, admitted to taking articles to the prison. Birdmore was imprisoned for 42 months, and Karpinski was imprisoned for 27 months.

In March 2017, Chester Crown Court heard how Chase Birdmore and his companions chased their enemies through the streets armed with knives. Birdmore stabbed his victim in the back three times and then punched him in the face.

Birdmore pleaded guilty to injuring him with intent and possession of a knife in the week prior to his trial. Honorary Judge Simon Berkson sentenced Birdmore to 10 years in prison – six in custody and four on licence.


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