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Google Pixel Android 12 missed call notifications can’t dismiss fixed

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The original story (published on July 20, 2021) is as follows:

Android updates are great. Who doesn’t want a fresh coat of paint and a bunch of features on their Android device. Apart from that, privacy is also a deciding factor in this day and age, which Android updates often emphasize.

With that said, Google Pixel is the fastest way to try out the latest Android updates. The reason is that unlike other brands, Google pushes updates directly without an intermediary between them.

This also includes all developer and beta updates that are not intended for the general public. The last major Android update to debut later this year is Android 12. Several beta updates for the same have been rolling out in the past two weeks.

Since it is a beta version, it may contain various bugs, issues, and inconsistencies that must be compulsorily removed before the final version is released in the form of a stable update.

The latest known issue that popped up for hundreds of users on the Android 12 beta is that missed call notifications can’t be ignored or in simple terms, they can’t be swiped away from the notification panel.

Google Pixel can't reject call notifications

I had the same issue. After missing a call, I was unable to clear the missed call notification. I tried calling the missed party, but the notification wasn’t cleared. I had to restart the phone to clear the missed call notification.

Same problem with my.Pixel 4a. Can’t swipe away from the notification and tapping on the notification leads me to the call history, but the notification stays. Rebooting the phone seems obvious.

This is a very strange and rare bug where the temporary solution, as mentioned by users on Google Issue Tracker, is just by restarting.

Others have tried an alternative solution of forcing the Google Phone app to stop from App Info to end the app’s background activities, which seems to work as well. Just make sure to open the phone app once the whole process is done.

Missed call notifications on Google Pixel not answered with update

After collecting hundreds of complaints about Issue Tracker, engineers at Google actually found a flaw and confirmed a fix to fix the issue with Google Pixel users unable to reject missed call notifications.

Fix for Google Pixel can't ignore missed call notifications

Although the issue has been labeled “fixed,” the update will be rolled out with the fix in the next version of Android, which means that sooner or later the patch will arrive on affected Pixel devices.

Also, if you are also in the Android 12 beta or looking to switch, take a look at our constantly updated Android 12 bug and issue tracker to know what awaits you.

Update 1 (January 14)

06:23 PM (actually): While the issue was flagged as apparently fixed when beta testing was in progress, it appears that many users (1, 2, 3) are still experiencing the issue despite they are running the latest versions.

Google has not yet acknowledged the problem. However, we will monitor any further developments and will post an update here if and when we come across any.

Update 1 (Jan 15)

11:18 am (actual): Google released the January 2022 update for the Pixel 6 set and it brings a lot of bug fixes including a fix for causing persistent call notifications in certain scenarios.

Fixed an issue causing a persistent call notification in certain circumstances.

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