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How Bulma Nearly Stopped the Entire Android Saga

Android devices are among the greatest Z Fighters challenges ever, but that wasn’t the case. The Dragon Balls could easily have put an end to it.

one of Dragon balls The biggest dilemmas, the androids, could have been easily bypassed. When Trunks from the future come to warn the Z Fighters of the impending threat of Dr. Gero and his deadly androids, Bulma comes up with an obvious solution: she suggests they collect Dragon Balls, wish for Dr. Gero’s location, and stop before he has time to make androids.

As easy as this solution may be, Z fighters vote against it. They decided that they would rather just train to be strong enough to beat the androids. It sounds almost absurd, but this option may be for the better in the long run, although a correct assessment of the decision requires a close look at the facts.

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android 19 20 dbz trunks

The first thing to note is the Trunks warning. He arrived from the future three years before robots first appeared. He tells Goku who they are, when and where they will debut and what they will do, including killing the Z Fighters. After Goku transmits the message to others, almost everyone has all the information they need to get ready for android devices.

Of course, the solution to Z Fighters is training to fight androids, but Bulma has a much simpler solution. If they use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron, they can request the location of Dr. Gero and stop him before he has a chance to build any androids. This solution will require much less effort than facing androids directly.

All Z Fighters have their own reasons for opposing Bulma’s idea. Vegeta refuses to deny the challenge of fighting androids. Goku doesn’t want to take the initiative because Dr. Gero has technically done nothing wrong yet. Tian prefers to take the opportunity to improve himself, a feeling that the other fighters would likely share. None of the warriors wants to take the easy road, even though they are all destined to die.

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However, in hindsight, the decision to fight androids may be the right one. If the Z fighters hadn’t trained, they would have been woefully unprepared for the threats that come after androids, especially Cell. While Cell can’t achieve its perfect shape without accommodating robots, it can still grow in strength by accommodating innocent civilians. Even in a proper Android Saga, Cell is able to use this alternate method of gaining strength to defeat Piccolo, who has not only trained but also fused with Kami to amplify his strength. This doesn’t mean anything about extracellular threats like Majin Buu or anything of it Dragon Ball Super.

Android 18 Maroon and Krillin

Besides the new threats, there are a number of unexpected consequences of stopping bots before they are built. Krillin would never have met his wife Android #18. Gohan would never have a reason to get past his father – a huge part of his character. Piccolo and Cami will not be able to settle their differences through a merger. Dende wasn’t going to be the new groundskeeper. The Z fighters had never met the demon master. These are among the many scenarios Bulma could not have foreseen at her suggestion.

Just as easy as a preemptive strike for the Z Fighters, the characters do well enough on the paths they chose. They get stronger and become better people thanks to the experiences that Android has gone through. There are also a lot of other good things that come true thanks to their choice of fight. Taking the easy route is usually a good way to cheat on a worthwhile experience. Z Fighters don’t regret the decision they make – and they shouldn’t.

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