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Param Bir Singh took Ajmal Kasab’s phone, didn’t return it: Former ACP | Mumbai News

Mumbai: Shamsheer Singh Pathan, a former ACP, claimed in a letter to the Police Chief that during the 2008 terrorist attacks, Param Bir Singh, who was then dispatched with the Anti-Terror Squad, took Ajmal Kasab’s mobile phone from the custody of a policeman and it never happened. brought it back. The letter said Singh did not inform the elderly either.

Patan said on November 26, 2008, when police arrested Kassab in Jergom Chowpatty, his group mate NR Mali and his DP Marg police team retrieved a phone from the terrorist. She was in the custody of Constable Campbell, but Dij Singh took her. Patan, who was then employed at Bidoni Police Station, claimed that Kasab’s phone was important because he was receiving orders from his therapist in Pakistan.
“There was a possibility that an investigation into this phone might reveal the involvement of a few high-ranking people within India, who were hand in hand with them and facilitate the attack on our country,” Pathan told TOI. He later said that Mali informed the then Additional Commissioner of Police De Venkacham and asked him to take her back. When Mali approached Singh, he shouted at him and asked him to get out of his office. Now that he’s retired, Patan said, Mali had gathered the courage to speak out about this incident.

The chief investigative officer, Ramesh Mahala, denied the allegations and said, “Why did Mali and Pathan keep silent for 13 years and even after Kassab was executed… We recovered five phones; we did not recover any phone from Kassab or his partner Abu Ismail who was killed. The 10 terrorists were carrying a mobile device.” One each. Kassab had said he lost it in the melee.”


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