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Pela Apple Watch band review: A sleek, eco-friendly strap with unique lugs

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Pela’s Environmentally Responsible Apple Watch bands are a stylish, modern and comfortable way to outfit your wrist while not doing undue harm to our planet.

Cases are one of the most environmentally damaging aspects of the smartphone industry. Many users go through multiple instances during the life of a phone, and while a lot of phone components can be recycled (or handed over), and there are different programs to make this easier, it’s very different for cases.

For a frequently used supplement, in many cases it ends up being disposed of rather than being recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

eco-friendly solution

This is where Pela started, by making iPhone cases out of more environmentally friendly materials. This trend has now spread, and many phone case manufacturers have done the same.

The material Pela uses is called Flaxstic, and it’s made of bioplastics and flax straw. Flax straw has natural shock-absorbing properties and is usually burned because it takes so long to decompose in farmers’ fields.

By using this in conjunction with bioplastics, Pela is able to make sturdy bags with a unique look that is environmentally friendly.

When they’re done with their run, the boxes are completely compostable and can degrade back to their natural ingredients. This same material – Flaxstic – is used in Apple Watch bands as well.

Each band has a vibrant color, is so soft and comfortable to wear, no two are exactly alike.

The underside of the Pela Apple Watch strap

The underside of the Pela Apple Watch strap

When your band is shipped from the Pela, it arrives without the lugs installed. It’s the same with the metal button that closes it.

Pela designed the belt so that the metal parts can be easily removed and recycled separately or reused on your new product. The button pops in and out, and we’ll have more on the lugs in a moment.

There is a small Pela logo on the bracelet molding and it has a clasp similar to the Apple Sport Band. It wraps around your wrist, and one end of the tongue passes through the other. When you have the proper tightness, the pin locks it into place so it doesn’t come loose.

We were wearing the bracelet and found the Flaxstic material to be very comfortable to wear for extended periods, and the clasp is flat and doesn’t dig into our wrist.

The band comes in multiple colors, including our chosen Canary Yellow along with Stormy Blue, Clay, Black, Lavender, Teddy Brown, and Forest Floor. There are two sizes of the band to fit both sizes of the Apple Wrist Computer.

Beautiful and beautiful butts

We sincerely appreciate the eco-friendly aspect of the Pela watch band, but as true Apple geeks, we were incredibly impressed with something much simpler – the lugs.

Sure, most people wouldn’t care, but Pela did something different and so Apple-esque with these lugs, we felt they should be commended.

As mentioned, the lugs do not come pre-installed on the bracelet, leaving users to install them themselves. Any regular Apple Watch loop will connect in one of two ways.

We see typical watch-style spring-loaded pins holding the lugs on the straps. These tools often require a special tool to pull the screws out of the holes on the lugs to release them. Not an easy task.

The other style of lugs is what Apple uses, which uses small screws to secure the lug levers to the part that goes into the watch. When you remove the bolt, the lever can release and slide out of the lug.

These are easy enough to remove, but require a small screwdriver.

There are other styles of buttonholes, but they are the most prevalent. Then we have what Bella has achieved.

First remove the Pela tape, rotate the lug lever, then slide it out of the band.

First remove the Pela tape, rotate the lug lever, then slide it out of the band. “

Bella tabs come in two parts. These die-cast metal pieces pop open and hold very tight when attached to your watch, but once removed, they come apart and allow the bracelet to pop out without any problem.

You can see the process in the photo above, which is very impressive. Users have no problems installing the lugs, and they can be reused with other scopes you may have.

Unfortunately, the lugs only come in brushed silver, which means they don’t match all the different Apple Watch colors. However, it combines well enough with silver aluminum and both colors of stainless steel.

must buy

Honestly, the only reason not to think about Pela belts is because of your pure style. The band itself is great with its great colors, plenty of comfort and a secure closure. With its merits, this band deserves a spot on your wrist.

Pela Apple Watch strap

Pela Apple Watch strap

The environmental aspect is another reason entirely. Ships to you in minimal packaging, is completely compostable after use, and contains no BPAs or plastics in its construction.

As a company, Apple has put a lot of effort into making the organization carbon-neutral and has reduced the use of plastic and made the packaging more compact and less wasteful. Many Apple customers feel the same way and plan their own purchases to get similar values.

Pela does great things with their products and makes us feel better about buying their gear.

  • Eco-friendly design made from natural ingredients
  • Fully organic fertilizer
  • The lugs and buckle can be removed easily without tools
  • The tabs feature a unique design that can be reused with almost any other band
  • Beautiful color options
  • minimal packaging
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • can buy it
  • Lugs are only available in brushed silver

Rating: 5 out of 5

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