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Set up a home theater with 20% off these incredible projectors

XGIMI is not a brand most people are familiar with, but the Chinese manufacturer is doing all the right things in the monitor segment. I’ve used several of their products this year—including the awesome $1,700 Horizon Pro 4K, the $650 Elfin, and the $999 Halo+ portable. The three projectors address three different segments and use cases, but what unites them is that they are all excellent value.

And for Black Friday, all three projectors are on sale. The Horizon Pro 4K is down to $1,500 – $200 less than the retail price – and that really makes the already great product stand out. Horizon Pro 4K has a brightness of 2,200 lumens, which makes it ideal for viewing even in broad daylight, has a throw ratio of 1.2:1 and can display an image of up to 300 inches.

It doesn’t miss any of the extras either; You get HDR10 and MEMC, and there are dual 8-watt speakers that produce decent sound on their own. The design is also elegant, but it’s the image quality that sets the Horizon Pro apart from its competitors; In short, this is one of the best projectors under $2000, and the fact that you can get it for $1,499 on Amazon right now makes it an absolute steal. If you don’t want 4K, there’s a 1080p model of the Horizon Pro on sale right now for just $935, a $165 savings.

Then there are the elves. This projector has a slim design and is easy to transport, but it needs to be plugged in. It also has great picture quality, HDR10 + and MEMC, and it has a size of up to 200 inches. The Elfin usually cost $650, but it’s now on sale for $519, 20% off the retail price.

And if you want something portable, the standard Halo is a great option. The portable nature allows you to take the projector anywhere, and it turns out to be very bright at 800 lumens. You also get dual 5-watt speakers, and the built-in battery lasts just over two hours when viewed up to 150 inches—perfect for watching a movie in the backyard. Halo normally cost $799, but it’s now available for $639, off $160.

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector

The Horizon Pro 4K is the pinnacle of 4K laser projectors, offering a stylish design with great picture quality, Android TV out of the box, auto keystone correction, HDR10+, and 4K resolution with up to 300” display and 2,200 lumens of brightness. If you are setting up a home theater and need a projector, this is the one you should get.

$1,499 at Amazon

XGIMI Horizon 1080p . Projector

XGIMI Horizon 1080p . Projector

Horizon retains the best features of Horizon Pro, including the same sleek design, but at 1080p. You still get the same great picture quality, brightness, and projection at 2,200 lumens as up to 300 inches, plus HDR10, Android TV, and automatic keystone correction.

$934 at Amazon


XGIMI Elfin 1080p Mini Projector

The Elfin has to be one of my favorite projectors. It has a slim design that is easy to carry between rooms, and you get great picture quality of up to 800 lumens. You’ll also find automatic keystone correction, HDR10, Android 10, and 3-watt speakers perfect for smaller rooms.

$519 at Amazon

XGIMI Halo 1080p Portable Projector

XGIMI Halo 1080p Portable Projector

Halo is the best portable projector on the market right now. It displays a 150-inch picture at 900 lumens, powers Android TV out of the box, lasts two hours on a full charge, and is plug-in too. With automatic keystone correction and dual 5-watt speakers, this projector ticks all the right boxes.

$639 at Amazon

All four monitors have some features as standard. They all come with automatic keystone correction and focus adjustment, and that alone saves you a lot of trouble while setting them up. They also have Android TV out of the box and give you access to your favorite streaming services, and I love the remote that XGIMI bundles with the four. In short, these are the only projectors you should be looking for on Black Friday.

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