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Smart Downloads rolling out to YouTube app on Android

(Pocket-lint) – If you are a YouTube Music user, you may be familiar with a feature called Smart Downloads.

Essentially, it’s a feature that automatically downloads songs when connected to Wi-Fi allowing you to save data when listening on the go.

Now, YouTube has started testing a similar feature of the main YouTube app on Android phones.

The new feature works the same way, but with video content instead of music.

Some Android users in Europe are reported to see an instant popup on their device that allows them to try out smart downloads in the YouTube app.

Once registered, the app will automatically download 20 new videos every week while connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The videos are selected by an algorithm that takes into account your favorite genres and watch history in order to create a curated download list to suit your tastes.

The 20 videos can be found in the same playlist as the manually downloaded offline videos.

Users will be notified if their storage is running low and can decide whether to free up space or cancel downloads.

The feature is currently only available to YouTube Premium subscribers running Android 12 in select regions, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it rolling out to other devices and regions in the near future.

As data plans become more convenient, there are many places where things are more restrictive and a lot of places where there is no signal at all. So it’s easy to see why YouTube rolled out this feature, it could be a lifesaver on a long and boring journey

Writing by Luke Baker.

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