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Some Google Pixel phones on Android 12 won’t charge or stuck at 0%

Android 12 has only been available for a few weeks for Google Pixel phones. Since then, users have discovered some bugs to fix through updates.

Recent reports of Google Pixel phone users indicate that the battery indicator will crash for some after the Android 12 update, permanently showing 0% battery percentage.

In addition, in more serious cases, phones will stop receiving charging (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Battery indicator stuck at 0% on some Google Pixel phones after Android 12 update

According to reports, after updating your Google Pixel phone to Android 12, the battery indicator will be permanently stuck at 0%.

Android 12 update: Battery percentage in notification tray stuck at 0%

I updated my Pixel 5 to Android 12, and now the battery indicator with the percentage in the upper right corner shows at 0%. The battery itself is fine – if you go to Settings > Battery, it will show the correct current charge of the battery. However, the notification tray indicator never changes.

I’ve reset the device (holding the power button down for 10 seconds or so) and when it powers back up the indicator was stuck at a different number, but then again, it never changed.

Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

In this case, the only way to know the true charge percentage is to go to the battery settings. But, the health of the battery will not be affected.

Some potential solutions

There are two solutions that are reported to help solve the problem for some. The first involves using an additional battery app or widget to “force” the original fix:

ok this fix i installed battery widget from play store and i turned off percetage on phone restart status bar.

The battery icon is now normal on the status bar as well as the rebirth icon in the status bar. The battery was removed again, the problem was resolved.

The other solution is a little more extreme. It mainly consists of performing a factory reset of the device. Some users reported that this method worked for them to fix the error.


Some Pixel phones not charging after Android 12 update

Other reports describe a much more serious condition. Basically, there are Pixel phones that stop charging permanently after updating to Android 12.

Android 12 release date: October 19

Downloaded and updated on the 21st

My phone turns itself off on day 22 (normal, no battery)

I plug it in: it stays at 0% forever. I can turn it on, it stays at 0% and shuts itself off in less than a minute (even if plugged in).

I contacted Google support (France), worst experience ever, 2 hours of chatting, factory reset (but with Android 12 firmware), no results.

Google’s final answer “Send it for repair, it’s out of warranty (3 months), quote: €360″… for a very possible firmware/software issue which results in the battery not charging and thus phone crashing.

Additionally, Google will charge users for repairing devices affected by this issue, as explained in the previous report.

At the moment, it is not known whether Google is aware of these reports. Therefore, it is still uncertain if they are working on a fix.

In the coming days, if there is any new development in this regard, we will update this article. You can also check out our dedicated bug/issue tracker for Android 12 on Google Pixel phones.

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