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The Apple Car Will Probably Have Parts Sourced From South Korea

Image of the article titled The Apple Car may have parts from South Korea

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The jury is still out on how promising the future will be Apple Car It will be, but recent reports suggest that the electronics company-turned-car maker is looking to to South Korea for its parts.

Apple Car at the moment is still just a vague idea hidden inside few brains, but Apple from the inside It was based on two reports that indicate that the main product of the car will be selected by the end of 2022, but it is likely that many parts will be acquired from South Korean companies.

From the article:

It is expected that the main manufacturer of “Apple Car” will be selected by the end of 2022, and companies in South Korea are competing to provide spare parts.

Backup a recent claim By Wedbush, a new industry report claims that Apple will choose its main partner for “Apple Car” by the end of the year. Wedbush’s claim said that Apple will announce the partnership in 2022, but the new report only says that the selection will be finalized.

according to korea news information technology, despite the selection will follow Comprehensive development begins. Reportedly, Apple executives visited South Korean car companies on December 11, 2021, marking the date again They have had talks with local businesses.

At the moment, it appears that there is actually a manufacturer in mind to provide the bulk of the product development, but there are no indications of what that company might be. But Apple is keeping an eye on South Korean tech developers, and they are said to be aiming to implement technology from several different companies in its new car.

I’ve been approaching all of this with caution, considering that Apple Car has only been a few years away from a few years now. This is as close as it gets to seeing an actual car – but there’s still plenty of time for it all to fall apart. We’ll see how it goes.


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