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The tip-top Black Friday deals 2021 still live – AirPods, Chromebooks, Apple Watch and more


Are you a troubled sleeper? Want an overwhelming positive weight to rain down on you in your sleep?

I’m not really selling this well here – but this YnM weighted blanket Available now for Prime members only — but if that’s you, you can get it for a few cents over $37, instead of the $62.99 that the average non-Prime person can see.

I’ve been told twice how fast this sells out – so I’m telling you now, dear reader.

I don’t know if you’ve been watching coverage of TechRadar’s deals at TOTALITY this year, but my word – the team has been amazing.

We’ve seen so many great deals being picked up by our amazing team who, when I came back, had nearly half a century of experience in between. Hence all the great publications.

On the other hand, I’m so tired I feel like I might be able to see the past.

(Image credit: Future)

Ok, now I’m going to enter a caveat – the Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) costs $29.99, but the Echo Dot (3rd The general) It only costs $19.99 on Amazon And it’s proving to be a much more common deal.

But you can buy a selection and have it all over your house – choose the most expensive one as people will look for it so you look like a high-end luxury person. Good deal.

echo dot

(Image credit: Future)

Have you considered buying an Echo Dot yet? Should. For $29.99, they are the best choice to make your home smart, and an excellent gift for the parent/brother who wants to try smart assistants but hasn’t bothered yet.

It pairs best with something like a smart plug, video doorbell, or other gadget, but as a standalone it’s still excellent – sound quality is good enough if you want to play some music, or just know the weather outside.

Well, this is the price that fell from yesterday to today, back to the low we saw earlier in the week.

If you just want a basic non 4K TV, the Toshiba 32 Inch Full HD Smart TV is it Down to just $129 on Amazon.

You may not like the idea of ​​not having 4K, but let’s be honest – for a lot of content this would be great, and for a bedroom, kitchen or any other general screen it makes a lot of sense. Get this quickly before it goes.

Black Friday 2021 news report

(Image credit: Future)

Welcome to the round… four? Black Friday deals. This year has been incredibly bizarre, as retailers finally made good on their promise to take deals away from the mad dash to Black Friday itself, and instead spread them right over the course of the week.

Walmart unleashed a $109 Apple Watch 3, discounted AirPods and even a few PS5 consoles on Monday, and others had their top sales of the week.

But… but! … There are still many best deals starting from Black Friday itself, and we’re here to bring you today’s best deals so you can do some delicious Christmas shopping.

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