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The UK’s new bill targets security lapses in phones, smart TVs, and IoT devices

The UK has introduced a new law for Parliament review and approval to bring drastic security improvements to all consumer devices from phones, smart TVs, IoT devices, appliances and more. The bill aims to set security standards for manufacturers and authorize the investigation and repair of all security vulnerabilities and report them to customers and the government.

Julia Lopez, UK Minister for Digital Infrastructure, said the MP

“Our bill would put a firewall on everyday technology from phones and thermostats to dishwashers, baby monitors and doorbells, and impose huge fines on those who break tough new safety standards.”

One of the serious problems that this law tries to solve is the default administrator passwords set by the manufacturers and freely available on the Internet. The European Union and the United States are addressing similar issues regarding consumer device security to improve security.

A government statement said:

“This new cybersecurity regime, which will be set in place once the bill goes into effect, will be overseen by a regulator, and will have the ability to fine companies for non-compliance with up to £10m or four per cent of their global sales, plus up to £20,000 per day in the event of an ongoing offence.”

The law aims to bring manufacturers into compliance with the standards set by the Ministry of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports. It also seeks to update the Telecom Infrastructure Law with regard to the installation of cell towers and the benefits that land owners will receive.

Source: British Parliament Publications via The Register

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